From my secret pal

I’ve posted the amazing package I’ve received from the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap #5  on my Hogwarts blog, Chronicles of Strangeness, so if yer inclined, please do visit.  Truly, Emma put together a terrific kit – I am in awe!
This is the wonderful stuff I got from my secret pal….who is located somewhere in Ohio.  I spent about 15 minutes tryna figger out who she is but then gave it up as hopeless since there’s about 300 participants. 

A Lovely wrapping job!

Simply gorgeous yarn!  And an Elizabeth Zimmerman book that I came within the skin of my teeth of buying last weekend.  Thank you thank you thank you!  You are a dear sweet secret pal…and I loved the Daffy Duck card!   I feel more mitten coming on…..

 NOTE TO SECRET PAL: yes, indigo is my favorite color, but I love purple and blue and periwinkle and emerald greens and raspberry and cranberry so really, do not tax yerself in looking for indigo.  Thanks a million!

The mail came today and there were no packages – what a come down from yesterday’s stellar haul!