Secret Pal Question #4

The “perfect sized” stash was a tough question for many of you to answer. Maybe these stash related questions will be easier:

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash”complete”?

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?

Hmmmmmm. I’ve been engaging in *much* stash enhancement lately, so there’s really not a whole lot on my wish list. Probably some Wollmeise or a Philosopher’s Wool kit; I just got the PW book and I am seriously drooling over it. Now that my grey matter is starting to wake up, a few others are occurring to me: Satakeili, some of this stuff from Riihivilla , Classic Elite’s Bam Boo and I want to try some z-twist yarns for a gansey to see what the difference is from s-twist ( Wendy for example ). I’m still making/designing mittens so fingering weight wool is great for those and I’m starting to make sweaters (I should have my HEAD EXAMINED!!!) and wool is too warm for here so that’s where the Bam Boo comes in.

Yarn that I never ever wanna be without is cashmere or a cashmere blend. There’s something so incredibly delicious about it that now that I’ve got it I never wanna be without it; I take it our and fondle it from time to time.. I know I have expensive tastes but life’s too darn short to knit with crappy yarn.