Yarn pr0n

As promised, some pictures from the new camera…..
  My first shipment from the Sundara Yarn club
1000 yards of 100% silk laceweight -= Granite Falls colorway.  This picture is kinda close to the right color – must be seen and fondled to believe…..
Yarn I actually dyed!
each approx. 400 yards of superwash merino?/nylon sock yarn – dyed at Yarn Expressions several weeks ago.
I call this one “Brights” – verra original  I know….
I took this with the flash – I adore how the colors came out on this.
This other one I call ” Toucanberry”
Dyeing yarn is addictive!!!!
I think these will both become pairs of mittens.


  1. Yay for the new camera and pictures! 🙂
    That silk yarn is gorgeous, and I love your hand dyes, too. Awesome all around.

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