An actual FO!

It may be a cliche by now, but what a cliche! My first Noro Striped Scarf.

Originally uploaded by helenkosings

Originally uploaded by helenkosings

Originally uploaded by helenkosings

I knit it once, frogged it and knit it a second time because I wanted the texture to be more even. I was working on it some this weekend at the One Human Family 10th anniversary reunion and many of the Canadians had to come over and fondle it. I used a sewn bind off on this (I’ve never done that before) and I am delighted. I will be sending this to a swap partner, but I will be buying more Noro ASAP to make another one. The color changes are simply fascinating!!! My favorite kind of project – not huge effort for a BIG payoff. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

I’m also really pleased the pictures came out as well as they did : my camera phone to the rescue!

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