SP12 Question #1

Our delightful leader – who shall remain anonymous- told us she’ll be sending us a weekly question to help our secret pals get to know us better. The first question is (drum roll please):

What’s your favorite summertime drink?

Mine is sweet iced tea. I love it – I could drink gallons of the stuff. I do have to be careful not to drink it after about 6:30 pm, ‘cos then I’ll be awake until 3 am, but I do love it.

I don’t drink nearly as much of it as I used to – it does have a lot of sugar in it, but here is my favorite recipe for making it:

2 quarts cold water

3 large iced tea bags (Luzianne has this size) otherwise use a “bunch” of small tea bags – Red Rose or Salada or even the store brand -NOT Lipton EVER! Usually there’s some instruction on the box as to how many bags….

a clear or translucent pitcher (preferably with a lid)

a sunny day

1 cup of sugar

1 navel orange


Put the cold water and tea bags into the container and set it in the sun for 2-5 hours (until the tea is the “right” color). Bring inside, discard the tea bags and add the sugar. Mix thoroughly. Slice the navel orange into 1/4 inch slices (with the peel on) and put them into the tea. Chill.



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  1. I love sweet tea, too. I’ll have to try it with orange – never had it that way.


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