Some happy things…

Yep. Gonna count some blessings today.

1) It has been raining.

We’ve been in drought status for almost 3 years. We need rain.

2) it isn’t raining today.

We get VERY grumpy here at Chez Oney when it rains – all of us, all at once. Plus we need to hang some laundry ASAP.

3) I am still married.

I have always said: “Every year’s a victory.” Right now, every DAY is a victory, and the only way we have come this far is because I have memorized THIS:

“If any differences arise amongst you, behold Me standing before your face and overlook the faults of one another for My Name’s sake and as a token of your love for My manifest and resplendent Cause.”


It’s very hard to stay mad about anything with anyone when I think about this quote. I can give up my anger as a love token to God. Wow! And I love giving gifts.

4) I have WONDERFUL friends.

Many of them sing in my choir. You should be so lucky!

5) I have almost completed one sleeve of the child’s gansey.

It looks pretty good. Better than I thought it would.  I might actually finish this thing.

6) There is yarn coming in the mail.

A blue cashmere blend.

7) I can knit

I have hands, they hurt but they still work. :o)

8) I’m feeling better.

And I have a Dr’s appt tomorrow so perhaps I’ll feel even better soon.

9) My family has plenty. I have a job and so does my husband. We have a house. And we are pretty healthy.

10) My dogs are just great!

11) Music AND ice cream.
They both exist and you can enjoy both at the same time if you do it right.

I know there are just about countless blessings that I have, but those are topmost in my mind at this very moment. Perhaps I’ll try to do blessings every Thursday……what do you think?