What is going on with me?

Last night….I bought a SWEATER’S worth of yarn for me. I must be ill! What I really need to do is completely organize my stash so I won’t be tempted….. Still, I’m thinking it may turn into “A Cardigan for Arwen” or something similar.

But it was Harrisville’s Orchid with cashmere – a totally yummy yarn in Copenhagen Blue and the site is closing that yarn out – so I got all they had. Really, I need my head examined….especially since I went to my LYS last week as well and bought some yarn. My LYS owner would be happy to know that I’m spending way less on yarn online than in her shop, though I will make a pact with myself that the next sweater’s worth of yarn I buy will be from her store. Listen to me – the next sweater??? Really, the sickness goes on…..

Who knows? I might even make this sweater (with some mods of course)….

Can’t you just see it as a square-necked cardigan? Well, I can!

And I can hardly wait for my first shipment of yarn from Sundara. I sound like a junkie taking about her drug of choice. Gosh! I’m sure it could be worse – I’ve given up pretty much all my other costly habits (except for music and travel).

The mittens are finally FINISHED. They are soaking even as we speak and will be blocked out later today. Even though I still do not have my digital camera (bad word bad word bad word!) I will take photos with another analog camera. I had no idea I’d miss that sucker so much.

Lastly, I need to ask everyone something:

is the Universe trying to tell me something?

I went to 3 KiP’s/S’n’Bs since last Friday and at each one, I was THE ONLY ONE THERE. I know it was a holiday weekend. I know I haven’t been attending much lately because of traveling and illness, but 3 TIMES?

Sheesh. I could easily get a complex about it.



  1. Knitting sweaters is not an illness, Helen! Yesterday was a holiday thing. The BAM! seems to be sporadic at best. As for Decatur, I might just have issues, plus it was at 10 a.m. You combine being somewhere in the morning and it being in Decatur, and I am not so likely to be there. If I had been up for adventure, I would have been at the thing in Dickson, TN.

  2. Sarah, you are of course correct! I’m just having a little trouble recognizing the knitter I am becoming.

    And I know it was the holiday – it mostly struck me as funny.

  3. More yarn more yarn–glee!!!! I mean, ahem, gee that’s too bad, now you’ll have to knit a sweater. 😉
    Although the past week or two have shown me I better not expect things to go as I expect, I intend to be at B&N this coming Monday unless more plagues/minor disasters befall me.

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