Pulling up from the muck…..

I may make it yet! Feeling a little better today…..

It seems like I have not actually felt good in 2 months….most of it is me not taking care of myself so I keep getting sick, plus a nice whopping dose of peri-menopause to add to the mix.  And I”m probably 80% stressed out about the “Number One son” who managed to flunk out of school way worse than anyone I have ever heard of.  Tell me: how does a manchild who was on a summer swim team every year from ages 10 to 17  get a D in beginning swimming?  Did I raise a complete idiot? Aargh…

And Bill is gone til late Friday. I hope he is having a super-freaking fabulous time out in Cali, cos life is gonna suck for him when he gets back. Plus every time I hit the apostrophe key, something weird happens, so I have to use a quotation mark instead of an apostrophe and I HATE IT.

Really, my life is good in general, but it is very hard to see it when you feel like cat vomit.

Today is the last official day of school, but since Ian has been such a pill, he will have some school everyday throughout the summer. I may do some stuff for Louisa too.

The really bright spot I see is the choir.  They sounded really good last night , learned 75% of a song new to them and we are gonna sing this weekend.  Last night at rehearsal I shared some of my frustrations with them and asked for prayers; I can feel the help already.
Now on Saturday, we are KIP”ing in Decatur at the Farmer”s Market  for the 1st time.
KIP= Knitting In Public
I feel good about this; I hope to meet a few new people and maybe we will introduce some folks to knitting.  I have wanted for there to be a weekend group cos sometimes I just cannot do it on a weeknight.
My buddy Phillipe is alway writing something interesting over here and his latest is really making me think about how I might much more strongly encourage the young men in my household to safeguard their own chastity and see it as part of their mission to safeguard the chastity of women. Read it and let’s talk!
I looove tea.  Good for what ails me.
I miss my digital camera.  I have some SO gorgeous cashmere that I want to take pictures of and ask other knitters advice about what I should make with it….  But I can’t because the camera’s gone AWOL.  ::::sigh:::::
So how are YOU?