iPod luv, camera gone AWOL and the FUNNIEST stuff I’ve ever read

This is rather a long post……

A little history first:

I wanted an iPod from the moment I heard about them, but I knew I was not worthy.  If I had been worthy, I would’ve had the $ for it immediately. My husband bought one for me for my birthday 3 years ago, which I unfortunately had to return because we needed to pay bills, and that was one of the many many sweetest things he’s done for me.

A year later, we got a verra nice tax return check, so I bought one: 5th generation 30 GB video.

It was love-the forever kind.  However, almost immediately I ran into space limitations – I had to move stuff around all the time, especially once I started listening to audiobooks.

I got all kinds of accessories and was hardly ever without my iPod.  I had no idea the finish or the screen was so delicate, so both of those got scratched almost immediately.  I got some cool skins and was happy.

UNTIL December 2007 when I took myPod to British Columbia.  Something happened to the screen on the way back home, and since then has become more and more unreliable and now is unnavigable.  It can still be used, but you can’t find anything-you just have to let it play.

ENTER the Presidential stimulus package.  Who am I to contradict the “Maximum Leader”?  I spent my portion almost immediately on a re-furbished 80 GB Video iPod.  It came 2 days ago, and I’m so happy.  I also got a WONDERFUL iSkin for it –

unfortunately I didn’t read the description well enough -it is sized for an iPod “classic” not the “video”  so it doesn’t fit exactly right, but it’s still really really good for protecting everything.

I decided not to get the classic iPod because of the various issues Apple’s been having with the different chip they’ve used for that generation.  I probably should have spent another $100 to get the 160 GB  but I just couldn’t justify it.

And the old iPod?  Well, I’ve sent away for a screen repair kit. IF I can fix it, I’ll give it to Ian (who is turning 13 years old this weekend) and if I can’t, I’ve only wasted 30 bucks.


The digital camera is still missing, but I’m not quite yet ready to throw in the towel and buy another just yet.  You see, our house is in SUCH a state of disarray and has been since mid-March that I cannot for sure say if it’s really lost.  I do miss it though, and I still cannot seem to get the pictures that are in my phone onto the ‘puter.

Why is my house such a mess?  I’ve been doing MUCH traveling, and I’ve been ill and exhausted at home.  No, I’ve not been to the doctor – I suspect I have “walking pneumonia” and am a little afraid to go see the doc cos he might slap me into the hospital and I just don’t have time for that at the moment (and no, I’m NOT gonna do a “Jim Henson” on y’all either – I’m too mean and ornery for that).

The house will not improve for a few more weeks yet.  When I actually get down to brass tacks, then I’ll determine if a new digital camera is necessary.  I would love to have a new one that didn’t have the delay when one presses the button to take the picture; I have so many bad pictures because of that delay – I have the “pictures of the moment after the one I wanted to immortalize” – especially my friend Diane’s wedding!

I’m sure I will agonize further over the digital camera scenario.  I know: you can hardly wait!


When I’m not wasting time on Ravelry,  I read a few blogs about once a month.  Last night, I thought I was going to blow a gasket I was laughing so hard after reading Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper; Crystal was recounting some of the things she’s done to get into shape.

I cannot remember if I found this blog because of Boobs, Injuries & Dr. Pepper, but I’ve been reading them both for a while now and they certainly are linked now because Jenny at  Three Kid Circus is offerring a Wii console and Fit giveaway if people will only recount their fad diet and exercise purchases…..

PLEASE go read these blogs, but do not try to drink anything while reading because your drink will shoot out of your nose when you laugh (of course if yer into that sort of thing….). I cannot imagine anyone NOT finding this funny.