Nobody told Boris & Natasha….

….that chocolate is toxic for dogs.  I put together nice Mother’s Day package for me mum – all ready to mail on Monday (late as per usual) and then went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a treat (I love their smoothies and they now have half-price smoothies Mon-Sat from 5-7 pm YAY!).
I came back and there was the package scattered all over the lawn because I had put some nice chocolates in with the other stuff.  When will I learn?  I had another swap package disappear earlier in the week – I though I had just mislaid it but NOW I KNOW.

Harrumpf.  They don’t even have the sense to look guilty.

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  1. Hrm. Sounds like something a pet of mine would do. They sniff the good stuff right through the packaging!

    Just dropping by from the HSKS5 swap to say HI and let you know your spoiler has been set in motion!!! I’m looking forward to it, and I love your character blog!


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