The adventures of Boris and Natasha

No knitting in this post – I cannot find my camera (tho’ I haven’t looked very hard)!

Boris and Natasha are our dogs.  We love them!

Boris has been having a wonderful time eating ryegrass this spring.   I call him “Gardening dog”  because he’s always interested in what I do in the garden.  If I bring home plants from the nursery, he’s gotta sniff them again and again. At times, I think he wishes he could garden….he does like to dig.

Natasha is very happy; spring is her favorite season.  Do you know why?  It’s when the “flying snacks” come back!  She loves to catch food with her mouth and the fact that there are things like flies and moths that will just fly around waiting for her to eat them is the BEST!  Did I mention her fav-o-rite?  BEES?  I imagine it must be the buzzing she likes…..

Stay tuned for more mundanity.