A couples meme

Stolen from Sassy:

1. How long have you been together? 20 years.  I cannot believe it really.

2. Who pursued who? Neither. It’s amazing we are together AT ALL.  Gad really was the one who put us together I think.

3. Do you wear any type of wedding/commitment ring? If so, which hand? Plain gold band on the “wedding” finger -yes, both of us.

4. What was the hardest thing about learning to live together? Sleeping in the same bed for me.  I still prefer sleeping by myself, whereas he can’t sleep well without me.

5. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning? I do.  I am not fussy about hair & makeup, but I take a while to really wake up.  Unless one of the kids needs something….

6. Do you usually eat breakfast together? On Sundays.  He gets up very early for work (he doesn’t have to, but he prefers it) and though I do like the morning light, I wake slowly…..

7. Do you ever share clothes? When I was not too fat to do so!.  he sometimes will wear my jackets (as I said, I’m not very girly).

8. Who does most of the cooking? Me, and I am SICK OF IT.  Though, to be fair, he cooked tonight and it was good AND he made both an entree and a side; it’s new and uncharted territory for Mr. Bill.

9. Who usually takes out the trash? Whomever notices.  Probably me cos I’m home more than he is.

10. If you have pets who usually does litter box or poop patrol? He does, thank God.  It doesn’t bother him the way it does me.  I can do it if I have to, but if he is around I don’t even have to ask him. Now THAT”S wonderful.

11. Which one of you is more likely to answer the phone when it rings? Me. He hardly ever answers the phone.

12. Who’s in charge of the remote if you’re watching TV together? Bill mostly.  I almost never watch TV.  But if it’s a show I want to watch, that remote is mine; I don’t want anybody flipping around on the commercials.  Just leave it there already!

13. Who usually drives when you go out together? He does cos he hates they way I drive.  I don’t like the way he drives either, but I am far better able to stand it than he, and I can always knit.

14. Which one of you takes care of spiders and bugs that get into the house? Either of us.  Not too squeamy about the crawlies.

15. Facing the bed, who sleeps on which side? If I’m on the right, he’s on the left.  We have switched for years at a time though.

16. Who usually checks the (postal) mailbox? Me.  I’m home, I order stuff thru the mail and do swaps, plus I’m from the country and mail is a big deal.

17. If something breaks or goes wrong in the house, which one of you is more likely to either fix it or call someone to fix it? We’re both fixers, though we are now to the point where we have more money than time so we sometimes have to call someone.

18. Who is generally the neater of you? ME! But I have more stuff so its hard to tell.

19. Who handles the checkbook/pays the bills? I have for almost the whole time we have been together, but when my brain went wonkier and wonkier, we had to re-tool.  Now we do it togther, and we are automating a good bit of it and that is the best part.

20. What was your last fight/disagreement about? It’s hard to say because we kind of bicker a good bit of the time according to one of Bill’s sisters.  Hey – if we didn’t bicker we’d hardly say anything to each other!  No, the last time I got irritated with him was this morning when I was driving to & from the post office.  He kept on announcing the speed limits everywhere we went because he thought I was driving too fast.  I told him I already have a conscience and I don’t need another one, plus I have a life and he’d better get one so he’ll have something else to think about when I drive.

21. When you slow dance together, who leads? Dancing is not something my husband does, really.

22. What do you love the most about your other half? The fact that 1) he still makes me laugh and will laugh at my jokes, and 2) he tries to do what I ask him to almost always to show his love for me.  He’s not so fab with the words of love, but great with actions


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  1. You know, if I paid attention to my “friends activities” on ravelry, I’d know about this blog of yours, Helen. You sound like you’re feeling better. Yes?

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