The long and winding road….

I was off to Bloomington, Indiana this past weekend for a One Human Family gig. I’d only ever driven thru Indiana before, which just made it seem pretty flat with cornfield after cornfield. Bloomington is in a lovely part of Indiana…reminds me somewhat of my favorite places in Virginia.

Bloomington is a very groovy, artsy place which was a surprise all of us. Almost all of us had never been there before and those that had spent little time there. They have some wonderful festivals and wonderful Baha’is!

Our hosts were simply lovely people; we all enjoyed them tremendously. Unfortunately, it was very cold and we had to perform outside one morning (like a doofus, I had forgotten my coat).

Ian came -under duress, I might add- and was wonderfully helpful. I love that boy! Here he is playing with Adrienne’s son, Langston.

Anyway, I should write more about the experience later, because I came home with a nasty head cold. A couple of folks were sick over the weekend, so I am grateful that it waited until I was almost home to develop. I’m really too sick to go anywhere tonight, so I’ll miss everyone at the Skanky Knitters club tonight. 😦

While I was gone, the rest of Ian’s yarn came in for his blanket, along with my new ball winder. Since my CTS is on fire today, I have been content to wind many hanks of yarn into yarn cakes. The ones I did by hand (before I learned from Meg how to do it right) often have to be rewound twice they are so bad! I still like doing it by hand, but for that I need my right hand healthy and today it’s in its brace.

I bought WAY too much yarn last week – completely messed up the checkbook. <sigh> I promise I will learn to do this differently! I went to Yarn Expressions and was pulling various yarns to swatch for Bill’s gansey sweater; by the time I had chosen a bunch, I realized I could just go ahead and buy all the yarn for his sweater for what I was planning to spend on the swatches alone! Doofus strikes again…

So I chose Classic Elite ‘Premiere'(from Lowell, Mass no less), a pima cotton/tencel blend I’ve used before, in a beautiful navy color.

I think it well turn out well and I want to get started on it! First, I must finish a few things….like all the swaps……


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