Some family photos

I have read that one thing that makes a good blog is to post pictures and tell stuff about yerself, especially if it’s funny. I don’t think I write really funny; my husband does write really funny but he won’t write anything here unfortunately. This post was inspired by my brother, Max. He’s brilliant and funny and posts lots of silly pictures on his MySpace page, so I thought that y’all might like to meet him. Here’s he is::::: MAX! Besides being funny and all, he’s a good cook. All the fellas in my family are. I’m not as good at it; I guess I didn’t get that gene. Here he’s being “Killa chef”. s to the law “s to the law” “spinach dip fabrication center” “still life with saran wrap and yucatan sunshine” So here’s my dad in all his glory…… We Kenistons are not too awfully photogenic….or even cute. Dad’s the BEST cook *AND* he dances well; he doesn’t need to be cute. This is my mother and my 12 year old son, Ian, in Haifa, Israel, on the Terraces of the Shrine of the Bab. Mom took this picture of Ian and me just before we started descending. I think it’s my best side. :o) Right now I don’t have any really good photos of my daughter, but these are within the last 6 months: And then there’s my oldest child (man/boy), Will: That’s from his last year in high school, but it does seem to convey his inner essence somehow…. Here’s some others (thanks to friends on Facebook): Rasta McWillie What he looks like now (he sure does need a hair cut….) And my favorite recent photo: He’s a Crimson Piper, carrying around 60 lbs. of brass in marching band. My husband will probably hate it if I put his picture on this blog, but he’s cute so here’s one (8/07): I have another brother and he has a family, but I don’t have any pictures of them available digitally so yer outta luck there. It’s too bad because they are pretty good looking folks. 🙂 And I cannot forget the hairier members of Clan Oney: Bluto the wonderkitty who likes my knitting. Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do justice to his feline enormity….. Boris and Natasha. Boris is looking at the camera – he knows he’s purty. He’s also allergic to everything…. Boris again. Natasha is afraid of the camera and doesn’t like her picture being taken. She is, however, the MIGHTY protector of La Manse Oney from all threats, especially UPS trucks.

My husband has a mom and siblings with families et al., but I don’t have digital pictures of them either….Maybe next time.


  1. These made my day! I have had some particular family issues to deal with of late and this is fantastic-the Haifa pictures are sublime and I had never seen Max before! Will’s beautiful hair…wow

  2. Hello Helen: Oh my God, how they all have grown. You never really see it so much with your own kids but when you see someone elses kids…..then it really sinks in that they do grow up (at least physically maybe not mentally!!!). Sam is now 22 & living with her boyfriend in Newbury & the youngest, Kristina, is now 18 & graduating from high school this year. She is going to go to UNH. Not to far away but far enough for me. I will have to send you some pictures of us on our Caribbean cruise we just got back from. Take care & I would love to see you all soon. 🙂

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