At least my cat loves my knitting…

So OK, I’ve been working on this sweater – the first I’ve made in about 20 years.  Even though i did make a gauge swatch, I think it’s gone way off and gonna be big, but that’s ok. Some older child could wear it or I may felt it.  I’ve been really proud of it and it’s actually been kind of a fun knit.  I’m nearing the end of the main part of the sweater and I keep it in my main knitting bag; since my iPod is busted, I’m listening to audiobooks on the ‘puter and knitting so the main knitting bag is right out here in the kitchen/dining area.  For the last three nights, my enormous cat, Bluto, has cozied right up to this thing, kneaded his paws like nobody’s business and curled up on the bag/sweater falling asleep purring.  It’s so nice to have knitting appreciated. :o)

Last night before falling asleep, I was showing this knitting to my husband and he indicated some interest in having me make him one.  It’s a good thing I was already lying down because I almost fainted! (Well, ok, I would’ve almost fainted if I were the fainting type….). I showed him the Knitting Ganseys book I borrowed from Bethany and he likes the one I want to knit for him. I’m getting excited – tomorrow I’m off the the LYS to look for some yarns to swatch.  Yes, it’ll probably take me a year to finish his sweater but hey!  I never ever thought he would want one knitted by me.  The only challenge is finding the right yarn.  I was thinking about buying a kit but that’s all wool yarn – probably too warm and scratchy.  This sweater has to be not too awful warm and completely not scratchy…which will mean cotton or a blend or something.  I have to swatch it out first because it cannot be hard to knit with.  My hand are “singing” to me daily as it is and I do not want to have to grit my teeth to finish knitting anything. Recently, I flaked on a square I promised to do for a baby blanket because knitting with the yarn was so hard on my hands.  Maybe a bamboo or silk blend? This is gonna be tough, because I don’t wanna pay too too much for the yarn – he won’t wear it, but I don’t wanna use cheap yarn, because life is too short…..

Lately, Bill’s taken to wearing a fine gauge cotton charcoal grey sweater I bought for him years ago at Wal-Mart that languished for years in the closet; I knew he would like it once he put it on, and he, like me, is of the old school where if you are cold, you put on more clothing – you do not turn up the thermostat.   I wanna make him a sweater that he’ll really love.  It’s kinda too bad he wants another dark grey sweater – it is hard for me to see the patterns to knit well.  I told him it may be another color because I want to buy the yarn on sale, and selection may be limited…..

He’s such a funny guy – he told me not to worry about making it until I’ve finished “everything else”.  Hasn’t he learned in our 20 years together that everything else doesn’t get finished…ever.  The list just keeps getting added to and getting longer and longer. I told him if I start it soon, I might have it done in time for our 40th wedding anniversary!

Now my silly cat is sleeping with his head inside the knitting bag, as the sweater is inside the bag tonight. I guess I should knit him a cat bed or something.


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