Pack me up and ship me to the happy home – I’ve joined a yarn club.

The Yarn Obsession has reached absolutely astonishing heights.

Get this- I’ve finished the afghan. I’m gonna add another panel because it isn’t wide enough for comfort as the pattern is written.  So (to make a long story short) I went to the fabric store which sells the cheap yarn I made the afghan out of to get maybe one more skein to finish the extra panel…..and I walked out of there with two ginormous bags of cheap yarn that was on sale.  Because I’m gonna make at least 2 more afghans.


Then, I didn’t get the message from my friend that she couldn’t meet me at the bookstore for coffee & chat, so I went and after I figured out that she wasn’t coming, I got myself a big decafe latte and a cookie and read knitting books….and bought a few besides…

THEN today, my book on Estonian mittens arrived in the mail.  It is wonderful! I might be getting my mitten mojo back.  My son, Ian, told me that my husband had seen the invoice and thought that I paid 137 dollars for the book!  He’ll always believe the worst of me; it was in Euros and in Estonia they use commas where we would use a decimal point. Well, I thought it was funny – even if he didn’t.  If I was gonna pay that much for a book, I’d get a used copy of Charlene Schurch’s Mostly Mittens. Of course if anyone had an extra copy lying around that they’d like to give me…..

So then I was out reading on the knitblogosphere, and I’m really working up a frenzy to knit the Shetland triangle scarf.  I remembered that on this blog she had made a completely beautiful one from Sundara yarn.  I decided to look up Sundara’s Yarns and golly gee- her yarn club is open for sign up.  I do SO love getting things in the mail; getting yarn in the mail makes me giddy and I have serious jones for her yarn…so I joined.  I won’t be buying any more yarn online for the next eight months or so; only local buying for now.

Today, I did something new:  I took kids’ school portraits for my homeschool organization.  I’ve never done it before – nothing even close to this, but I think the photos came out well.  I wanted to use natural light and photograph outside, but it was kind of cold this morning, so we found a classroom that serendipitously had: pretty good natural light, a piano bench for the kids to sit on, a kind of pretty mural painted on one wall and a portable movie screen to reflect the light on the non-window side.  Someone else let me borrow their tripod.  I’ve never used one before today – I really liked it.

Ordinarily, they’d hire a school photographer and then you’d have to buy some kind of package for a lot of $. I offered to do it for free.  Why not? Looking back on some of my own school photos, I was pretty sure I could do at least as well some of those yokels did – especially since I had done OK with Will’s senior photos.

What do you think?

There’s always one……