I don’t recognize myself….

I am currently knitting an afghan AND a sweater.  Me?  The Queen of Small Projects? What is going on?

I went off my yarn diet in a fairly expensive way last week.  2 trips to Yarn Expressions and online to Woolgirl

At Yarn Expressions I got some Smooshy and some Classic Dream in Color and some more of Meg’s Hoobody yarn.  And more yarn to replace that Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK that I cannot find the rest of for David’s scarf (VERY frustrating!!!).  And some other stuff.  :o)  Good thing the dear husband does not read the blog……..

At Woolgirl I got some 100% cashmere. I’m not thrilled with the color though…. can one return it?  I decided I’d get something a little different than the purple-y blues I love so much.  I know I won’t return it. I should just go ahead and make something beautiful with it and then give it to somebody if I don’t love it enough to keep it.

I also got some beautiful variegated hand dyed for a swap partner and a very colorful one for socks for me.  The swap partner begged me not to send her chocolate (which I was gonna do).  She’s trying so hard not to go off her eating plan so I got her this beautifully milk chocolate colored yarn instead!  That just gave me an idea:  I know where to get chocolate smelling shampoo…..

Meg had some amazingly dyed yarn that she’s making socks with – I implored her to do some for the store and she said that is was definitely the next colorway for Hoobody.  I can hardly wait!!! I can see that yarn becoming exTREMELY popular……  She also said she may do a yarn dyeing workshop sometime – I would love that.  Sounds like tremendous fun!!!!!

The afghan I mentioned is made with some lovely soft fuzzy yarn that I would ordinarily turn my yarn-snobby nose up at (Lion Jiffy).  But I liked the pattern I saw for it and decided to give it a whirl.  Of course the store didn’t have all the colors called for….but it was on sale so I made a couple of substitutions which are apparently successful if I gauge by the comments I got on it at the knitting group tonight.  I should have it done by next week’s group (size 17 needles and 2 strands of bulky yarn held together go *fast*!) so I will bring it.  When I should really be working on finishing this last mitten swap.

I promise that this week I will take some pictures and also write about my pilgrimage to Israel.