A new blog to read, Harlem Globetrotters, funny guy

My oldest son, Will, has started a blog on LiveJournal. I’ve encouraged him to do so and he has!

He’s a freshman at Tuskegee University, and he has only limited access to the Internet. He’s been struggling some….Please go over and encourage him at

He could use some lovely new friends like y’all.

Last night, we had the unexpected bounty of seeing the Harlem Globetrotters.  I remember seeing them when I was six years old – it was such a big deal (I even remember what I wore to the game).  I mean, heck, they were even on the Scooby Doo cartoons so you know they were really big! Back then in rural NH, there was *nothing* going on…..

My friend Cathy called us and said she had 4 extra tix for free, so we went.  Bill didn’t really want to go – he wanted to “veg” at home, Ian didn’t really know who they were and what they did, but somehow Louisa knew and was enthusiastic.  I really did wanna “veg” and watch American Idol…..but we went.

It’s funny how now, with all the media/entertainment outlets that are available, how old-fashioned the Globetrotters seemed to me.  I really enjoyed it even so.  Ian was prepared to hate it – even brought a book with him, but eventually started to giggle and even laugh out loud.  I’m glad we went.

We have been really enjoying listening to a comedian named Brian Regan.  He’s really funny and completely clean. His routine about being one of eight kids, making bicycle ramps and breaking the news to Mom about one of the injured kids is SO funny!

I found him on eMusic.  If yer not familiar with eMusic yet, I encourage you to try them out – they’ll give ya 25 free downloads to try their service out (and if you mention helenkosings, I’ll get some free ones too.).  You won’t find the kind of stuff that you find on iTunes, but if you have slightly eclectic taste, you’ll find them pretty yummy.



  1. Sounds like a good time. I saw the Globetrotters when I was a kid. My stepdad, sister, and nephew went. I hope they had a good time, too.

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