My swap partner came through mightily!

So I’m a part of the “No More Humdrum Mittens Swap 2” and today a received a wonderful package from Jenn, my secret partner!

First open the box and see this:

How pretty! Major kudos for good wrapping. And I can reuse it, perhaps to wrap another gift in or as a project bag.

I can see there’s purple…boy does she have me pegged!

I open it up and there’s this:

A sweet note from Jenn (sorry, a lot of the pics came out blurry). The card says on the front: “Life is short-buy the shoes” Definitely a woman after my own heart.

Next out was the stars of the show: the mittens!

I have this pattern but I haven’t yet made it- I’m delighted!

At this point I cannot remember what came out next; there’s so much stuff!

Chocolate that I will hide away from the kids! I haven’t tried any of these kinds, and I love to try new things.

a magnet, an “I love to knit” key ring and a pair of sheep earrings! These are the bomb! If I get some time later, I’ll redo the pics.

And this I have never seen:

a sheep picture frame! I think this could be my favorite thing in the package.

Then, as if that all wasn’t enough…….

a sock pattern from Cookie A. that I’ve been lusting after and some gorgeous Lorna’s Laces sock yarn to match the mittens! I’ve bought Lorna’s Laces before to make stuff for other people – never for myself. Thank you, thank you thank you!

Here’s everything in all it’s splendor…..

And just in case you’re wondering if they fit – yes they do!

A hug from me to you, Jenn!



  1. YAAAAYYYY!!!! Wow, that was fast delivery! I thought I had a day or two to catch up on school work and THEN e-mail you! I’m so glad you like everything! It was such a pleasure to work with so much purple! It’s by far one of my favorite colors but I hardly ever knit with it, go figure! Enjoy that chocolate, it’s the BOMB!

  2. Ooohhh, how fun!

    I am your “mitten angel” for the first round ~ I have emailed you but didn’t get a response, so maybe the email got lost? I will try again…I have something for you, though maybe not quite so grand as Jenn’s goodies ;D

    Cary at Serenity Farms

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