My email is working again!

Since the end of October, my email hasn’t worked properly.  Oh, yes I was able to get it on the Web, but It’s a bit of a hassle, and I could not set up message rules (so that the mail automatically sorts itself as you download it) so it was kind of daily slog.

However, today!  I had to open my email program to look up someone’s address, and blammo!  It downloaded all my email.  I didn’t discover it right away; I was doing something online with the webmail and refreshed the Inbox, the screen said that the inbox was EMPTY.  It feels almost luxurious to have my email working right again….

The choir sang today and they were very good.  It was lovely.  I hope to write a little more about that maybe tomorrow.  Then I came home and actually watched television.  I watched some of the Grammy awards……I dunno.  I guess I’m weird, but I like seeing people receive their awards.  Yes there were good performances but oh well.  I’m sure it would’ve been better if the writers’ weren’t still on strike.  And what the heck was Tina Turner thinking?  Is she taking fashion advice from Aretha now?  Goodness me.

So…I watched PBS.  “Pride and Prejudice”, the one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. What fun!  I probably should have done something more productive, but I didn’t.  All the time wasn’t wasted, though;  I untangled a ball of yarn that the dogs had messed up big time and re-knitted the part of the partially finished hat the tangle is attached to.

Now off to bed.



  1. OMG Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is just sooo…WOW. Any man ever looks at me the way he looks at Lizzie Bennet in that scene where she turns the page for his sister playing piano after Caroline Bingley mentions Wickham, I will turn to jello and get married in three minutes

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