Far far behind

in all that I need to get done!  I’m dancing as fast as I can and it ain’t fast enough!  God willing I will get about 5 more swaps completed and in the mail by Friday, get the taxes done and sent off by Saturday……

My husband was gone to LA for 2 weeks for work, and  of course one of the kids was sick……that really decreased my productivity.  He came back last Friday, and am now starting to get things rolling again…..just in time to get ready for going out of the country on pilgrimage for 2 weeks.  Aack!  I think I’m the poster child for biting off more than one can chew.

And now for something completely different:  I was at the library and I found a CD by a French artist I like (Camille) .  I was playing it and my son Ian asked, “What is this?  What language is this in?”  I told him it was French, he thought for a second and said: “That’s OK. The French invented weird.”

I love that boy.