I thought it had to be a joke…..

..but it isn’t. My favorite actor is dead at the age of 28. It may seem silly, but it feels kind of like one of my relatives has died. What a shame.

At 28, ye hardly have anything figured out……..

I started watching him in “A Knight’s Tale”. I bought the video for like 5 bucks thinking the kids would like it. They did and so did I. He was very interesting to watch. I’ve gone out of my way on a few occasions to see his movies, and those that know me well, know that I hardly ever do that for anyone.

2 weeks ago, my DH and I watched “The Order” on tv together. The movie was a mess, but Heath Ledger was interesting as always to watch. Then just a couple of days ago, Will and I had a long talk about him on our way back from Florida. What seems really sad to me is that his daughter is only two, and isn’t likely to remember him very well.