A test for stress part deux

Things have been cra – hey-hey -zee around here!  I traveled a really really long way from here to the west coast of Canada last weekend and back, sang my brains out and of course came back to a sick husband and then 2 out of three kids sick.  The first stress test I failed….or rather the radioactive dye failed to leave my arm and go into my heart so they could take pretty pictures of it.  So I had anutha one Tuesday – the day after I got back.  All went well, but I am tired!  I wasn’t jet-lagged going East to West, but West to East just kills me.

Am now knitting furiously tryna catch up with all my swaps…..

P.S.  Thanks, Jennifer, for reminding me that there are a few who actually do read my blatherings!  And the coffee grinder is SO cool….I promise to write the coffee grinder story tomorrow.