A test for stress

So tomorrow morning I’m having a stress test and an echocardiogram.  Woo hoo.  What fun.   I’m a little concerned about my heart; I’ve been having this kind of weird asthmatic thing going on…which evolved into bronchitis which I’m now *almost* over.  But it could be my heart.  I turn 39 next week, and I’m very overweight so I need to take care of some medical things right around now.  I remember reading in the local paper 3 or 4 years ago about a woman who dropped dead at 40 of a heart attack, and remember thinking, “That’s not gonna be me!”

I get regular exercise – I walk almost everyday, and now we have Dance Dance Revolution which I do several times a week. I eat way better than I did 20 years ago; I actually feel guilty eating junk food now.  I take many different supplements that have really helped my overall well being, so I know I’m not malnourished.    The EKG turned up a little anomaly which could be something or it could be nothing and the chest x-ray was aok.  Blood has been drawn – I don’t have the results yet.  I don’t now really think there’s anything wrong with my ticker, but I am happy to have the tests, and happy that I have medical insurance so that I can afford the tests.

My enormous, elderly and senile cat, Bluto, has a habit of sleeping in one place for 4 or 5 days and then relocating. In the 10 years that he has owned us, I’ve noticed that he rarely goes back to the same place, unless it’s on a bed (mine, usually).  However, we are now on Week 2 of Bluto’s hostile takeover of the dogs’ bed in a corner of our living room.  Bluto is king and the dogs know it.  Natasha will lie down next to the cat, and there have been some really cute cross-species grooming sessions that I would have put money on never happening, but Boris is completely cowed and at a loss of where to be since his place is occupied by the evil feline.

Knitting has taken over my life to the point that I’m almost uninterested in the seed catalogues that have started arriving in anticipation of spring. This is fairly unusual, but I do think it is partly a reaction to the “Amazing Crunchfest 2007” that was my garden this summer.  I haven’t even had any desire to go hang out at Bennett’s Nursery, and that’s unheard of for me.  Maybe this year, I’ll just plant flowers and knit MORE.

Off to Florida tomorrow, then back for a couple of days and then off to the “Great White North”!  I’m ready for a little fun.


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