Now that November is over….

I’m not blogging as much. I *will* include some of my favorite Christmas music here on da blog. And I will have some little FO’s here and there. And I’m gonna be brushing up on my French……too crazy. When we go on pilgrimage in February, we’ll be in Orly for 7 hours flying Air France, so I’m hoping to speak a little and ease things a bit.

Busily putting stuff together for all these swaps I’m in – way fun! I got a really lovely 2008 calendar from Australia from a swap; I’ve always wanted to go there….maybe someday.

So here’s tonight’s Christmas tune – a complete classic. :o)
I heard it on the radio and I remembered how great Jimmy Durante was.

(You’ll have to go over to the other blog to hear it….since I can’t seem to get it to work here.  Nuts!)


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  1. The grinder is going out today along with a little something else to say “I’m sorry I’m ADD 🙂 If you want to see the something else it’s on my blog, if you want to be surprised, then wait two days… it’s coming prioirity. I must tell you I LOVE the sidamo coffee… it’s now our favorite too! I have still been petting the yarn, no plans yet but I use the cup every day and think of you 🙂

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