Beautiful yarn in de mail!

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I wanna make another lace scarf (for me even) and while I couldn’t sleep not too long ago I found this yarn at KnitPicks ….
for $2.99/skein! What a deal….and I just love the colors.

Because I can’t remember anything these days, I went to the mailbox and was totally surprised and delighted to see the yarn there…It ‘s so lovely being simple and easily amused.

Ian, my homeschooler – whose art this year is photography – took these pictures.

This one is the most accurate color wise.

He also took a picture of some other recent acquistions, ‘cos their so pretty.
Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon

I found (while looking for something else of course) a wonderful site that sells truly groovy yarn made by folks in Uruguay.  It’s called Handpainted ( go here).  Can hardly wait to get a hold of some of this stuff…

Simply delicious, n’est-ce pas?

And Ultra Alpaca is fast becoming my favorite yarn……..


  1. What beautiful yarn! I love the pink and purple colours in the first one, and the yarn from Uruguay looks lovely – if only I could knit!

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