Thanksgiving wrap up

A couple of years ago, I fell while bowling and hit my head hard enough to need stitches. (That story here)

I think that was rather the nadir of my Thanksgiving experiences in my life; this year was not at all like that.

We were invited to eat the big dinner with friends, which I and the younger two did while Bill drove to Tuskegee to pick up Will. TU has a big game on Thanksgiving and Will had to play. In fact, we just got back from dropping him back off….but I’m getting ahead of myself here. We did eat with our friends and it was nice; they were kind enough to give us a generous portion of leftover turkey so we could do a smaller dinner with “number one son”, and I didn’t have to work at WJAB.

I’ve had several offers for musical work here and there (Detroit, Knoxville, Atlanta, etc.) and also a local gig that might even pay! Wow oh wow. I just hope I don’t bite off more than I can chew.

The ride today went fast. Ever since I discovered that I can knit like a fiend in the car (and not get carsick) while Bill drives, long drives are now peaceful for me. I’ve also gotten much better at meditating so when it is dark and I’m not knitting, I can do that. It’s very groovy! I have caught myself several times being silent *on purpose*….like actually choosing not to say something; it’s a whole new world. I looked up and we were in Montgomery

I’ve been working on my “No More Humdrum mittens” for my swap partner – I’m now on version 2a. This version is too big and too busy, but I have come up with a nice effect using some stash yarn…. Why do I have to write a new pattern? Why can’t I just use something that’s already been done and had all the bugs worked out? I am so ready to do just that….but I know I won’t.

Bill found a place online in Montgomery called “Cafe Louisa”; we found it and that’s where we ate today. I liked it – how can I not like a place that has falafel with sprouts on the menu? The kids were not thrilled; they were thinking fried junk stuff. Tant pis! I brought my camera to take pictures of them because my wallet foto is way outdated. Of course they wouldn’t co-operate.I don’t know if any of these will be a wallet photo, but I’m happy to have them anyway.

After we got almost to TU, Will realized he didn’t have his key….and to make a long story short – he blamed his father! It was too funny. We were just gonna leave him outside his dorm to wait….but we managed to get him into the dorm and into his room w/o paying any fines.

I think he’ll be riding Greyhound to get home for winter break. :o)


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