Sock knitting, waiting, praying and hoping

Today was the day of appointments and knitting socks is simply t-rrific for spending time in waiting rooms. Ian got his retainer today – which he hates and has already lost it once today (accompanied by tears of Ian and dire threats from his father). Then I went to see my Dr. today and ended up waiting an hour in the waiting room.

I went because I get this weird reactive lung thing that turns into bronchitis. Since I’ve had it so often, I call before it gets awful. However, it did feel a little different this time and my asthma inhaler is 3 years out of date, so I think it could be some heart congestion. I didn’t actually see the doc, but the nurse practitioner, whom I hadn’t met before but seemed very competent. She agreed with my self diagnosis and also thought it would be a good idea to get things checked out heartwise, too. So I’ll be back at the Dr’s next Tuesday to start testing. Which brings me to…


It isn’t ’til Dec. 13th but I’m tryna think ahead. Every year, I have just a few people that want to know what I’d like for my birthday (like my mom for instance). Last night, as I was drifting into the arms of Morpheus, I thought that I should put up a few things I’d like to receive here and then whomever asks me, I can direct them here.

First of all, I don’t need anything ‘cept probably a new pair of jeans (which I’m not buying until I decrease in size), so you don’t have to get me anything. REALLY.

If you must give, first off, I would really love it if you would,
instead of sending me something, use the money you would spend on a gift for me to pledge to the Pilgrimage Project . The money you pledge goes into a trust fund that will be used to fund this recording…plus you’ll get a free electronic copy of it when it’s done. How cool is that? I’m going up to Canada for the recording of it too.

If you don’t wish to do that, here are some otha things

Yarn by A. L. Sauveterre
1 skein of Estelle cashmere yarn in any of these colors

Nuit St. GeorgesSawyer
Tender is the Night Cornish Pixie Briar Rose

or Twilight

(pics are from and
-both places you can get this amazing yarn)

Or earrings…especially spirally ones….

These all come from

You can find them by looking for the sellers’ names, which are:
nicholasandfelice (yes, them again!)

Tomorrow, I’ll write about my wonderful swap partner, Jennifer V.. She sent me such lovely goodies!!!!

I’m always praying for my kids. I do my best, but it isn’t near good enough, so I really rely on God. Tonight Will called me up and asked if he could bring home a friend, Justin, who can’t get home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I said “OF COURSE!”
This gives me hope.

I called Bill and told him what Will asked, and Bill said “OF COURSE!”….even before if he asked if Will’s friend is black.
This also gives me hope.


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