I’m feeling guilty….

…because November is the National Blog Posting Month  (NaBloPoMo) and I have hardly posted all month.  Yer *supposed* to post every day….I’m gonna try ’til the end of November. :o)

I am excited by my upcoming trip to British Columbia – I get to travel with my dear friend Adrienne; we’ll stop in Minneapolis (add another state to the list) and then fly to Seattle (add another state).  Then we’ll all gather together in some kind of van/bus/vehicle and then drive up to some bay (I forget the name) and take a 2 hour ferry ride to Victoria Island.  After that I don’t know and I don’t care. There’s gonna be some *sanging* going on and I’m bringing the tape recorder.

Bill is supposed to take a fruit salad to a work Thanksgiving thing for tomorrow.  He was asking me for a recipe this weekend – shessh! we only have 30 or 40 cookbooks and then there’s the internet….  PLUS we’re broke until Wednesday (I mean “couchfishing for change” broke) .  It’s OK – the bills got paid and we’re good; it’s just we gave our last cash to Will to give to his ride back to TU.  So that doesn’t leave any money for buying fruit.  I guess he’ll have to get creative – I am not doing it!  At the risk of being offensive – I do not see why I would have to make the fruit salad for his work event: I won’t get to eat it, he knows how to cook at least as well as I do, he’s not super busy – is there some kind of vaginal requirement to potluck dishes that I wasn’t told about?

UPDATE:  Bill found a recipe and $8, then went to the Boutique de Wal-Mart to get some ingredients. He has returned, and is having Louisa help him so of course she is arguing with him about what he told her to do.  Thank God.

I spent 45 minutes this morning talking to Ian about the personal search and investigation of truth, the scientific method and religion.  It all started when he began parroting back atheistic comments his Dad makes to me.  Y’all might not believe it but I do NOT care if he (Ian) believes in God or not, is a Baha’i or whatever IF he has arrived at those conclusions for his own self AFTER investigation of the facts. If he’s copying somebody else – that’s crap!  I get irritated with Bill about his atheism because he just decided there is no God, he never did any research on it.  As I told Ian today, all I have *ever* wanted is to know the truth for myself.  If there is no God, that’s something I ***definitely*** want to know because I do NOT want to waste time on worshipping and relying on a non-entity. Same thing with religion.  I don’t have a fabulous formal education (my own fault there) but I am curious and I think my mind is pretty good.  I’m always questioning and testing my beliefs.  I read some to him from a rather good book about the testable proofs of the Baha’i Revelation in a book called “The Challenge of Baha’u’llah”  There’s at least 30 proofs outlined in the book that anyone can check out for themselves: read what Baha’u’llah wrote about whatever and then see what happened. You decide if it’s truth or not. But do not start saying stuff to me without even reading anything if you are one of my children!  Gets my dander up. :o)

On the knitting front,  I finished the lace scarf for my secret pal, and made a be-yoo-tee-ful mug cosy for another swap pal.  I will have pics maybe tomorrow.

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