F.O.’s and Tryna get things done

The lace scarf I made for my Winter Scarf swap pal
It’s about 7 feet long.
A truly poor close up of the lace pattern
a yummy fringe close up.

This was really fun to do. I think I’ll eventually make one for me. One skein of Jager spun Zephyr lace weight 50% merino/50% silk in Lady slipper Pink.

A coffee mug cozy for my Knitter’s Coffee Swap partner. Really easy to do and so impressive! I messed around with the color a little bit in the photo below so you can better see the stitch pattern.

I modified the pattern just a little bit – didn’t do the base, so it’s open on the bottom. Made out of Berroco Comfort (nylon and acrylic) so it’s very washable.

I could not find my battery recharger for my photo batteries so I had just a tiny bit o’ juice left – that’s why the photo’s aren’t fabulous. I wanted to take pictures before I sent them off to their new homes!

There’s this guy who wrote a book called “Getting Things Done”. I read an excerpt of it in a magazine I subscribe to and it sounded pretty good, so I got the audiobook (I just LOVE Audible.com!), and got down to listening about how to get things done.

Even tho’ the book is not long, the system takes a while to learn to use because, as far as I understand it, to be truly productive, you have to empty out yer brain of all the things you gotta do and all the ideas you have, and then organize them so they don’t get lost (all of which apparently involves an automatic labeler machine). After you got all that done, then you are truly free to focus and concentrate on a single task, instead of being distracted by all the other stuff. He calls those other things “open loops”. I like this idea and I hope it helps calm down all my flittering thoughts.

Since I seriously doubt I am ever gonna buy an automatic labeler (I *do* love gadgets but I already have so much stuff), I decided yesterday that I would take one of these little blank journal books I seem to have accumulated (people like to give them to me for some reason), sit and be quiet in the morning for an hour with some tea and crochet, and write down everything that comes to mind. The journal is small enough to take with me in my purse and I’ll also keep it by my bed. So for the first day, I accumulated 10 pages of ideas and things to do. Today, I’ve accumulated another page and a half. So far, I haven’t done any organization of the stuff I’ve written down, except to put a “c” by the stuff that I’ll do on a computer, a * by the stuff that should absolutely be done today, and a “K” by the knitting stuff. And I’ve only crossed off about 10 things, but that is probably 8 more things than I would have remembered to do. I hope to continue to post how this goes for me. Gee whiz! What if it worked?

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