Not too much to write about

The band isn’t rehearsing because we still don’t have a geetar player; we almost had one but before he even heard us, decided we weren’t serious enough for him.  Oh well!

I have been back and forth to Florida a little too often lately….and I never even got on the beach!  Am glad to be home this weekend – cleaned out the garage and stuff.  Not very exciting, I know but really needed to be done (I mean, we even got rid of BOOKS).

I have been invited to British Columbia next month to do some recording with a buddy – which sounds like much fun.  Details are very thin on the ground right now – so it may not happen, but it was really nice to be invited.  And heck- it may actually happen ; I’ve never been to that part of Canada and I’d just love to go.  The darling husband is growling about me getting paid for this gig….he doesn’t realize my lack of momentum in getting gigs has decreased my fees!  I’m not complaining – I’m homeschooling on of my children and that is a priceless pursuit. I’m also rather more interested in promoting other people and working on their projects rather than promoting myself. That feels right at this time….but he deserves a business plan that doesn’t exist as yet.

Guess there was some stuff to write about after all.

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