So last night just before dinner…..

…….the UPS man came. My husband looked at me as if to say, “Oh Lord! What did you buy now?” When I saw the package said “Spring Violet”, I started shrieking and dancing around the living room, singing, “I’m the lucky one! I’m the lucky one!” Of course everyone looked at me as if I had really lost it *this* time. I tore open the package and was completely delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you – thank you – thank you a million times over!

Everyone here at my house has heard numerous times about this mitten swap and it was a major topic over dinner. My daughter, Louisa, who is nine, asked if I could find a mitten swap for her!

Sorry to make everyone wait – it was dark last night, and I was busy this morning; I just now was able to take some pictures.

These are the beautiful things Joanna sent me.

More up close and personal. You can see that besides the GORGEOUS mittens, she made a lovely little bag AND included some dark chocolate (oooh! you know me so well) and a marvelous CD from Putamayo called “Music from the Chocolate Lands (we listened to last night at dinner. Yay!).

And yes they fit! Whatever did you soak these in? They smell fabulous!

Blowing you a kiss ……

I can hardly wait to try the chocolate.

And I cannot forget my trusty photographer, Louisa:

She’s being mysterious this morning….and already tryna steal my mittens! Kids these days….tsk tsk.

A few more photos:

The real me!

And lastly, here’s me thanking my lucky stars for my mitten angel!

Did I mention that I LOVE my mittens?

Thank you Joanna!!!!!

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