This groovy technology…..

Recently I’ve joined a German sock knitting listserv. Do I speak German? Indeed, I do not. However, I found them as the result of surfing around the knitblogosphere and I knew there would be beautiful socks there. As part of joining, one must write a little something about why one would like to join. So I wrote something, ran it through Babelfish, and sent the result on. They let me in.

The translations are often funny but the meaning comes through. How wonderful! I learned that they do a sock knit-a-long every month. I do not know if I can do it, but I am willing to try!

Also, I have recently gotten the PC version of Dance Dance Revolution and 2 pads for my children. I am homeschooling one of my children and the Dr. said that he should be getting more exercise; the doc suggested a stationary bicycle. Last year during homeschooling, we would do some of my workout DVDs, and that was more or less successful. After much thought and research, I decided to get the DDR thing. It’s more interactive, and given the amount of time he would like to spend playing video games (all day, every day and no he isn’t allowed on to the computer that often), I felt it would be a good mix.

Since we got all the game pieces together (it took some doing but the company was *wonderful* ) he has spent hours playing it. His sister likes it too. I’ve tried it and believe me it is a workout! The kids like it, I like it (no violence, no blood, physical activity that is self-competitive that can be done all year long, and I get major kudos from the kids who never expected I would do such a thing) – just a win/win situation all around. So I guess PE is taken care of for this year.